"The makers of Plexus® say it is the most effective cleaning product you can buy for cleaning and polishing plastic. They say it cleans as it protects. They say it leaves the surface protected. Well, they're right." -Windsurfing (Magazine) 

"This is one of the few products which actually does what the manufacturer says it will, and we plan to make Plexus® a permanent resident in our cleaning locker." -Pacific Flyer (Magazine) 

"In a word, OUTSTANDING is how i refer to your product. This 'outstanding' rating is very hard to come by from me, and is reserved for only products of extreme value. It is one of the very few products i would recommend to all aircraft owners." -Bill Reid, Owner, Quality Aircraft Services, Inc.

"Plexus® works much better than (competitors), and is better on fly line than products that are made specifically for it. I don't know what's in it but the stuff sure works!" -Steve Kennedy, Owner, The Trout Fitter 

"We have seen plenty of concoctions hyped as the ultimate plastic cleaner, protectant, and polish. After a few test squirts on our perpetually grungy face shields, windscreens, etc. ... we were converted." -Motorcyclist Magazine 

"If it's good enough for a B2 Bomber, it's good enough for a CR 250!" -Cycle News 

"Never in my 50 years of optical business have I been so impressed with the results of any product like Plexus®" -Robert Decot, Owner, Decot Hy-Wyd Sport Glasses, Inc. 

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